Make college more affordable

College Tuition Benefit® – a college savings program

Attract, retain and motivate employees with this unique college savings program available through SAGE Scholars, Inc. College Tuition Benefit works much like a frequent flier program. Employees earn Tuition Rewards® points redeemable for discounts on tuition at more than 400 of America’s participating private colleges and universities.

How the program works

  • 1 Tuition Reward Point = $1 in discounts.
  • Employees earn 2,000 points at signup, then 2,000 points every year they’re eligible for the program.
  • The more points employees earn, the bigger their tuition discounts.
  • Helps eligible students afford college including: children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews stepchildren, godchildren and adopted children.
  • Each child enrolled receives a one-time bonus of 500 Tuition Rewards points.

Advantages for employers

  • Round out your benefits package - Enrich employee benefits with a college savings plan
  • Recruit and retain employees - Help alleviate the #1 financial worry for 78% of families – the cost of college*
  • Minimal work to implement - A paperless process administered through SAGE Scholars:

To learn more, talk to your broker or your United Concordia
account representative.

* Gallup Financial Concerns Survey; 2015
Tuition Rewards® is a Registered Trademark of SAGE Scholars, Inc.